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Choose a kit
Find your favorite kit depending on the level of difficulty. We have the color you are looking for and the perfect size.
Home delivered!
Our kits have everything you need. Including the pattern, needles and all the yarn you need in order to knit your garment.
Start knitting
Enjoy and share your experience with the hashtag #weareknitters. Show the world how proud you are to be a knitter.

All you need is in the kit.

Inside the WAK packaging you'll find the necessary yarn for your project, eather our wool or cotton yarns.
Get our beech wood needles, which will make something remarkable out of this experience.
Our patterns are explained step by step and on an specified level, so you can knit with your own hands the model you've chosen.
Tapestry needle
With this little needle you'll give the last touches to your project, cast of stitches, finish the edges...
WAK label
Put in on all your WAK garments, let the whole world know you knit with your own hands, and show it with pride.
WAK Packaging
Recognized by our paper bag including a sticker where you'll see what you're about to knit.
Pick the kits according to your level

Your first steps with knitting? Don't worry; we have different levels in our kits. You can choose from beginner to advanced level.

It’s not only about knitting!

We also have crochet and petit point kits.

Besides our knitting kits, there are also crochet kits at your disposal, adapted to all dificulty levels, so you can make your most special projects. But that's no it! Discover also our petit point kits.

Get your order wherever you want

We ship your project where you want to get it. Meanwhile, you can check our video tutorials and blog to find new ideas to help you face your new project.

Video tutorials

Visit the tutorial dedicated website to find the best knitting videos for all levels. Knitting tricks, special stitches, or how to overcome that complicated row.


Come by our blog! There you'll be able to find free patterns for those special occasions, knitting tricks, video-tutorials and stitches that will make you really happy!

Enjoy the knitting experience

Is there something better that an afternoon to knit and relax? With our kits you'll be able to forget the outside world, relax and create something with your bare hands! The best feeling ever!

Great actresses as Audrey Hepburn, Julia Roberts or Sarah Jessica Parker have never hidden their love for knitting. Follow their example and that of our customers, and don't hesitate to join!


Show your projects to the world, tag your pictures with our


hashtag and don't hide your knitter pride.

Do you have doubts?

We have answers. We solve any questions you have, either about knitting or about any of our products.